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Zach here writing from Portland - wanted to give you all an update on our tour happenings.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen a very unfortunate turn of events on tour.  We stayed with some of Trav’s family the other night, and we had our van and trailer parked inside the gated community where they live.  At about 4am, for no reason at all (no signs posted, no warning of being towed), our van and trailer were towed to an alleged “impound.”  Not only are they asking almost $1,000 to retrieve it, but there have been several reported incidents of this company (Safe Guard Towing) stealing unsuspecting vehicles and not complying with the better business bureau.  In other words, this towing company has made a business out of sending rogue tow trucks to different parts of town looking for vehicles to steal.  Here are a few links to previous incidents:

Reported Incidents of Stolen/”Towed” Vehicles by Safe Guard Towing


Better Business Bureau Rating (or lack thereof)


That being said, we were forced to cancel last night’s show in Seattle, and will be forced to cancel both of the two following shows in Yakima and Salt Lake City.  This is a HUGE bummer for us, but we truly had no choice.  We’ve set up a Paypal donation button here and on our Tumblr homepage for any of our friends and family who would like to help us out.  Any and all donations would not only help us get our van and trailer back, but will also help us get home.  If we had any other alternative to asking people for money, we would by all means use those instead.  We just seem to be up against a wall, and we would truly appreciate any and all support.  Thank you - and we hope to be out of this pickle soon. We will pick up with the rest of the tour on Thursday in Walnut Creek, CA. 

Zach, Brian, Travis, & Jay


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    My friends played a show here on Friday and had their van stolen early Saturday morning. Any and all donations to get...
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    Help out the Culprit boys. Click the link to hear the story of their illegal towing, and how you can help with the nasty...
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    help culprit out!
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    To everyone who follows me: please help these guys out. Good people making good music. Help out how you can.
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    Hey guys. Check this and help them out if you can. You know I don’t ever reblog things like this, but they’re good guys...
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    I absolutely hate seeing things like this happen to bands. Help these guys out!
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    hey guys - please help out culprit. very unlucky turn of events on their current tour - take a look.
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    We hate to be “those guys” or “that band,” but we really need all the help we can get. If you can help us in any way at...
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    SIGNAL BOOST!! PacNW, unite and help these guys out!
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