So we took some awesome new band photos a couple weeks ago with our good friend Ian Flanigan - here are the favorites. Always a great time hangin’ downtown. Please show us some love & share/re-blog if you guys dig. NEW SINGLE ON SUNDAY (in 2 days!) - “Knock on the sky” premiering on Alternative Press .. really stoked to finally share with you guys!

<3 Zach, Travis, Jason, & Brian. 

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    Culprit release new press photos!
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    A) You fellas look fly. B) Brian, pretty please post a link once it’s up so that I don’t forget—can’t wait to hear it!
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    Just saw dis. So we’re dropping our new single - AKA the first song I recorded with Culprit and one that I got to write...
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    Shot these photos of Culprit a few weeks back. Always fun to hang off the edge of a building for a shot! Listen to their...
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    Listen to culprit mannnnnn They are really cool and good, not the sort of thing I’m usually into but really good
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    some new band photos! check it & re-blog :-) New single on Sunday!
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